Hello here! My name is Cali Carter. I am your typical blonde hair, blue eyed, tan and tone 23 year old California girl! I love to have fun, especially in the bedroom! Thats why i joined the adult entertainment business. I have yet to find a limit in the bed room that i don't like! :) I have been in the adult industry for about 4 months and loving minute of it, from the great people i get to meet to the amazing sex i get to have! In the past 4 months I have worked for many companies including Combat Zone,Philly Films, New Sensations, Amateur Allure, My Bare Girls, Top Web Models, Hustler, and many more. I have yet to venture too far into the many different types of scenes that this business has to offer, but I have been in many B/G, G/G,and solos. In time I do plan on doing every type of scene that this industry can throw at me!

On or off camera I am know for my kind heart and spunky personality! I tend to catch everyones attention by my piercing blue eyes! At first, I may come off as shy and timid but once you get to know me I'm a really down to earth kind of girl! I've been told on set that I bring a lot energy to the room and have a easy going attitude to work with! On camera, I am known best know for my eagerness to please, positive attitude, and enthusiasm toward any kind of sex! I am a natural when it come to selling it to the camera! I got into this business because I finally meet the right person who made me realize all that I am today! He gave me all the confidence in the world to do this and his support means the world to me! He opened up my eyes to a whole new me and let me out of my sex shell i had been trapped in for so long! So I put my pictures up with dos and don'ts, my agent got a hold of me and here I am now!

Behind the camera, I am a huge animal lover! I have two dogs of my own, Koda and Payton! Koda is a four year old purebread Husky and Payton is a one year old Beagle! These boys and my pride in joy! I love to go on runs with them through out the day to get some cardio in and spend sometime with them! Besides cardio, I also enjoy working out at the gym as well ! I believe I have mild case of OCD, so I tend to clean and organize anything on my down time! But when everything is clean and organized love to turn on some music, go for a drive and take as many pictures as I can! Photography is a huge hobby of mine! I enjoy all kinda of art from paintings to sculptures! Art is very unique and has a different message for everyone! If Im not organizing or taking pictures I love to watch movies/tv and video play games! I have a weird addiction to peanut butter, it is my go to snack! I probably go through a jar a week! On other note, I consider my self to have an amazing work ethic! I started working when I was 15 1/2 in a pizza place and when I turned 16 got a job at a burger restaurant! I worked my way up in the business from hospitality, busier, expediter, all the way up to server/bartender and I currently still work there part time! With the right discipline and drive I saved up every little penny from the tooth fairy and bought my very own home at the age of 20! I am still living there and plan on selling it at the end of the year and buying a bigger home! I believe i got my determination and drive from my family! Besides my mother I am a only girl in a house of 4 boys including my dad! I have two older brother and one younger brother! I have watched my friends and family go through many trails and errors, each one of them Ive learned from! I'm the type of person who not only learns from my own mistakes but from other! And none of them being a mistake but its a lesson learned and a chaptered turned! This is why I am here today! I'm opening a new chapter in my life.

Im looking forward to the years to come because these last few months I have had the time of my life! I can't wait to look back years from now and see all that I have accomplished and all the stories I will have to tell!


Age: 23 years old
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 lbs
Heritage: German, Spanish, Irish
Measurements: 32B-24-32
My Sign: Pisces
My Pets: 2Dogs- Koda(Husky) & Peyton(beagle)
Piercings: Yes, nose, ears, and belly
Tattoos: 3 right rib cage stars, left rib cage koi fish, left wrist zodic sign
Smoke: No


Beer or Wine: Wine
Blindfold or Handcuffs?: Blindfold, I like the mystery of whats going ot happen next.
Boxers & Briefs?: Boxers
Cash or Credit?: Cash
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate
Coffee or Tea?: Coffee
Hard or Soft?: Hard
Love or Money?: Love
Mac or PC?: Mac
Phone or in Person?: In Person
Sour or Sweet?: Sweet
Hot or Cold ?: HOT
Car or Bike?: 2010 Black Camaro SS


Favorite Porn: Amateur
Favorite Position: Torn between cowgirl and missionary
Favorite Sex Toy: Thrusting Jack Rabbit
Kinkiest Thing I've done: Rimming and being Rimmed
My Fantasies: Dominant Male Roles taking advantage of me
My Fantasy: Living it
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Turn-ons: Dominate man, Neck kissing, Ass grabbing and slapping, unexpected random sex
Type of men I like: I lean just a little bit more towards older men that have a bit of a stocky build.
Type of women I like: Blond with big boobs, small waste, and sexy eyes!
What gets me off is: Both clit and penetration at the same time


Books: Harry Potter series , Nickolas Sparks books, and fifty shades of grey series
Can't Live Without: Friends and family
Car: German made
Clothing Brands: Abercrombie & Fitch & Hollister & American Eagle & Victoria Secret
Drinks: Powerade, Gatorade, Vitamin Drinks, & StarBucks
Fast Food / Restaurant: In and out
Gadgets: PS3, XBOX360, WII, Iphone, Ipad
Heroes: I'm my own hero
Holidays / Festival: Fourth of July I love the summer, BBQ and swimming
Never without: A cup of coffee
IM Phrase: LOL, meh!
Month/s: September... It's my birthday month and I'll never shy from that, I wear my age with honor.
Movies: Nemo, Out cold, Hangover, Notebook, Defiantly maybe
Music: All types of Country, modern reggae, hip hop
Musical Artist: Rascal Flatts
Pizza Toppings:  Chicken, bacon, olives, and garlic on cream white sauce
Places to Shop: Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollsiter, ebay and amazon
Quotes: "Just keep swimming", " Sober as a jay bird"
Restaurants: Stings
Season/s:  I love spring and fall, the colors are always the best
Shoe Brands:  Nike and Vans
Snacks:  Peanut butter
Social:  Saving Animals
Sports Team/s:  Giants
TV Shows: Workaloics, Tosho, South Park, Real World
Vacation Spots: Anywhere around a beach
Video Games: Wii: Wii Fit and mario cart, PS3: Dust 514, xbox: kinect sports

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Whats your favorite position?

Cali Carter says...
cowgirl I like to be in position and stare into your eyes as I fuck you hard

What do you do to get off?

Cali Carter says...
I'm a Clit girl so grinding my pussy against the base if your dick gets me every time

How do you keep looking so hot and fit?

Cali Carter says...
70% diet 30% work out. it's all about what you eat! it's important to make sure you have the right carbs sugars and proteins!

have you done anal sex ?

Cali Carter says...
I have in my personal life but not yet for porn

have you ever have sex in public?

Cali Carter says...
I have in a lot of places like a park, kolhs dressing room, parking lot, on the side of the road, frosty freeze bathroom, and a rest stop area


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